Is DNA Really To Blame For Cheating, Promiscuity?


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New research shows cheating and promiscuity are in our genes. Can we really blame DNA?

What's even more intriguing about research into the DRD4 gene variant, however, is that it could possibly have been a driver in human migration. "DRD4 seems to have developed just as we expanded out of Africa," Garcia points out. He believes it may have had some influence on encouraging the necessary risk-taking to migrate.

"This gene varies in different populations around the globe," he explains. "It looks like populations who have experienced greater migration have a higher proportion of that gene; whereas, people in egalitarian societies have less of it."


None of this means, of course, you should let your cheating spouse off the hook. But it might provide some insight into his or her biological motivations.

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Written by Deborah Huso for AOL Health

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