Female Seeking Male: Must Love Books


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When dating, does taste in books matter?

Much as I tried to reserve judgment (at least he was reading something, and I’m not above a self-help book—or 10), I felt that his disinterest in novels spoke volumes. Would he be that matter-of-fact about movie choices and insist that we only watch documentaries? Would he be willing to try non-educational activities just because they were fun? Online Dating: 7 Signs You Shouldn't Date Him

Of course, it goes both ways. I’ve judged, and I know men judge me based on my reading list. When I broke up with the Book Giver and added Kitchen Confidential to my Match.com profile, I got a lot more responses than when Memoirs of a Geisha and Jane Eyre were listed as favorite books.


I’ve learned not to take the Favorite Books section too literally. Plenty of people list “legal briefs” or “the manual for my HDTV” as the last thing they've read. In this case, honesty isn’t necessarily the best policy. How To Woo A Literary Lady

My Match.com days are over, but boyfriends past and present continue commenting on the books and magazines I read. “Another one with a Pink cover?! Those are like junk food for the brain!” my current boyfriend will say, handing me his copy of World War Z to read instead.

But while we may not like the same books, we love each other—and we also love seeing who can work the biggest vocab word into conversation, or into a Scrabble game. Maybe one of these days, he’ll learn to love chick lit and I’ll learn to embrace zombie fiction. If not, we still have room in our bookcases for both.

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