Top 7 Places to Get Naughty


Top 7 Places to Get Naughty

3: Airplanes

Yes it is a cliché, and don’t forget not quite so legal, but earning your
membership in the mile high club is a cherished aeronautic tradition. The
phrase, “closer to God” has never been quite so literal than when having a romp
on an airplane. Again, it is very cramped, but the good news is that one of you
can sit on the sink for better positioning.

2: In Public and Around Other's

The risk of being caught is a huge factor in what makes other locations on
the list sexy. The thrill involved once again comes with the tradeoff of being
dubiously legal, but there is no lawful way to replicate the racing of your
heart when the fitting room attendant at Macy’s comes in to see what all of the
deep breathing from stall 3 is about. Public restrooms are another option (if
you can get over the hygiene shock.) Overall, although spontaneity leads to
most public encounters, use your head (first the big one, then the
little one) and be smart about it.


1: Outside of Your Comfort Zone

The whole point of trying sex in new places is to break out of your
established routine as a couple. Boredom with intimacy is one of the fastest
ways to kill a relationship, and stepping beyond where you and your partner
feel “safe” is key to preventing this. We are certainly not advocating
dangerous sexual practices, but rather varied ones. Vocalize! (and not just during
sex.) Talk to each other about your desires and fantasies. Going
someplace new doesn’t require a road trip, it can be as simple as trying some
toys or a little bit of role playing.

Remember…what is new is exciting, and what is exciting is sexy.
 Share with us some of your favorite places to get down and dirty!

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