The Surprising Upside To Being A Work Widow


mother and child waving goodbye to father
How I adapted when my husband started traveling for work.

Maybe you’re chuckling or rolling your eyes, thinking that I’m accusing him of slowing down my pace by being underfoot. But that isn’t it at all. Believe me, it shocked and confused me when I was able to hit the couch guilt-free with a book the second the kids were in bed. Here’s what I’ve been able to figure out.

The domestic waltz I thought we had down pat? Turns out we weren't quite as Fred and Ginger as I thought. Instead, we each assumed the other was going to do something without actually communicating it to them, and then had to backtrack to get the job done. Also, I often functioned at a much slower pace, knowing that my husband was there to back me up.

Now that I’m on my own and know that I have to crank through the day until it’s all done, I’m much more motivated and focused.

The end result is that not only are we surviving on his new schedule—we’re thriving on it. My husband is doing great in his new position, and I’m doing pretty damned well in mine, too. He comes home to a relatively clean house with relatively clean children delighted to see him, and the extra time we have as a family is great for all of us. Are You A Mom Trying To Do It All?

I’m still not getting as much sleep as I need but, now that Thursdays and Fridays are date day marathons, it’s for much more romantic reasons than the fact that there are dishes to wash.