Twitter: The Top 10 Love And Relationship Tweets Of 2010


Jessica Simpson Twitter Kiss
YourTango's top 10 favorite tweets and Twitter-related romance news of 2010.

7. The Millionaire Matchmaker Unmakes Her Own Match

Shortly after ending her engagement, Yenta to the glitterati of L.A. and NYC, Patti Stanger, announced her split on Twitter. Always honest, Patti confessed: "I just ended my relationship with Andy. It hit me really hard that I want kids in my life. You have to agree on the non-negotiables." We're all about following your own advice and wish Patti the best finding her own bashert ("soul mate" in Yiddish).


6. Jessica Simpson's Many PDAs

The pop star-turned-fashion designer-turned-Twitter addict was hell-bent this year on letting everyone know just how much she loves her boyfriend (now fiance) Eric Johnson. In August, she even tweeted a picture of her kissing him, saying: "Romance 101..getting kissed by my Yalie. Me not lookin' so smart...:) but YUM!" She got lots of flack, but we don't blame the girl... As far as Jess knows, all the world's a reality show, no thanks to Papa Joe.  

5. Luc Carl Defends Lady Gaga

Call it a "Bad Romance" if you want, but the bond between grungy Luc Carl and glam Lady Gaga makes us warm and fuzzy. Especially after the rocker defended his lady on Twitter after she came under fire for flippin' the bird at paparazzi during a Mets game this summer. Luc tweeted: "She wakes up in the morning and makes platinum records. You wake up in the morning and realize you're out of toilet paper. That's why." And, seriously, who can argue with the guy who wrote The Drunk Diet? Lady Gaga's Bad Romance Dating Tips