Bust Up Cups Review: Do Men Notice Cleavage Size?


bust up cups review
We put Bust-Up Cups cleavage enhancers to the test. Did men notice?

I confirmed that I was, indeed, wearing some extra support beneath my bra, but admitted that I couldn't tell if it made a difference.

"Your breasts definitely look firmer and more pushed together," she said. Wow. Cool. I proceeded to stare at my own cleavage for the rest of the day.


Still, it was tough to gauge how men felt about my newly pumped-up breasts. After all, the average male tends to stare at them no matter what size they are, or what type of neckline I'm wearing. And, no matter how much I seductively arch my back while at the office, my male coworkers are far too polite to ever obviously ogle me.

So is wearing an insert pointless?

After all of this impressively scientific, hands-on research, I think that experience has generally only proven this: boob size doesn't matter to men, as long as they're allowed to touch them. 7 Body Parts Men Love—Just The Way They Are

As for whether anyone noticed the change—well, women always notice these things (and, for some reason, have no problem staring at or talking about each other's boobs), while men tend to know better than to make a direct comment about our chest size, at the risk of getting slapped.

Do you recommend any cleavage enhancers? What do your men think?

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