The 10 Worst Fashion Trends Of 2010


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The worst fashion crimes this year according to single online daters—are you guilty?

#4: Ed Hardy: 11 percent of singles say wearing Ed Hardy clothing is the worst trend for men. I don't disagree—but only 11 percent find Ed Hardy visually offensive? 35 percent hate on the man purse, but the sartorial equivalent of a fire-breathing dragon tattoo on your forehead is totally fine for almost 90 percent of singles. America, I'm disappointed.

#5: Nerdy Glasses: 7 percent of singles say nerdy glasses are the biggest no-no for men. No problem—I'll take that hot nerdy guy off your hands.


Top 5 Worst Trends for Women:

#1 and #2: Sandals with socks and high-waisted jeans tied for ugliest 2010 fashion trend for women, with each trend receiving 27 percent of the vote. No arguments with sandals and socks here, but a little retro-inspired denim can be cute.

#3: Oversize sunglasses. 19 percent of singles say oversize sunglasses were the biggest fashion faux-pas for women. I won't dispute this ruling—but I won't stop wearing them either.

#4: Overalls and jumpsuits. 18 percent of singles say overalls and jumpsuits were the biggest no-no. I've said it before and I'll say it again—you can take my harem pants, but you cannot take my romper! I'll pass on the overalls...but only because I can't pull them off.

#5: Fur boots. 9 percent of singles say fur boots are the worst trend—can't blame 'em.

Tell us: Which fashion trends do you hope die for good in 2011?

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