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First date logic, serial monogamy and dating a Sagittarius!

Before we get into the best stuff ever from the web please enjoy "Social Media Addiction: Are You At Risk?"

Now on to what "the other guys" have to say.


The ladies at Lemondrop have a story that you'd never believe: sex blindness. A man goes temporarily blind after he has sex. White lightning will do that to yuh.

Clearly, if this guy has this semi-stroke issue, he's probably not listening to his body. According to Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks, at Huffington Post, lots of people don't pay attention to what their emotions and body are telling each other. Fans of The League will know this as the fear boner.

And some people are overly aware of what their body is telling them. The Gloss teaches us about Tokophobia but it seems like being afraid of forcing a bowling ball out of a ball-sized aperture is just good, solid math.

Speaking of fear, Em & Lo ( have a great user question: her boyfriend is afraid of her sex toys. He doesn't want to be replaced, I believe.

And more technology making our lives uncomfortable: over at Bad Online Dates they teach us about magnetic underwear. "Is that a magnet in your pocket? Cuz my pole is pointing north!" (I know that doesn't make sense.)

Lines like that won't get you in bed with someone. In fact, there's a chance that no line will. Per Asylum, people who tend to go for one-night stands may be doing so at the behest of their genes (and jeans, hi-ooo!).

And that gene may be dominant as College Candy thinks the first date is going away. Between Facebook and hooking up, we do know a lot about each other by the time we sit down for our first meal, right?

The Frisky has a more first date thoughts. Evidently, things get interesting a lot faster than previous thought. Think Malcolm Gladwell fast.

And some people just aren't into first dates or getting married, they like the area between exclusive and actually committed. Leftos has a new blog about serial monogamy, good stuff.

If you're exclusive or just doin' it, Love In The Dumps has a good guide for dating a Sagittarius. Were I a Sagittarius, I would talk about it all the time too.

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