Beyond the G-Spot: Thunkspots.


Beyond the G-Spot: Thunkspots.

A fun way to experiment with engorgement is by doing your own sensual research: Next time you are stroking your own or your partner’s clitoris, gently insert the index finger of your opposite hand into the vagina - just up to the first knuckle - and simply feel. Resume stroking the clitoris, while continuing to feel the fingertip inside the vagina - notice the degree of engorgement during the interim. Do this several times, taking note of any changes, no matter how slight or subtle it may feel.

By creating more engorgement in a woman’s genitals, all of the sensual experiences you have together will be more enjoyable and pleasurable for both partners. 

Locate and stimulate all of her Thunkspots pleasurably. Explained and demonstrated in the DVD:  Thunkspots: Manual Penetration with Deliberate Orgasm by The Welcomed Consensus