Beyond the G-Spot: Thunkspots.


Beyond the G-Spot: Thunkspots.

The G-spot is simply the underneath side of the clitoris where it forks, becoming the clitoral legs or crura. The legs of the clitoris run adjacent to the urethral sponge. This area is the most prone to engorgement and is highly sensational, therefore, has drawn the most attention.

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The vagina has no pressure-sensitive nerve endings, but there are pressure-sensitive nerve endings in the deeper tissue.

When the clitoris, internally and externally, is properly engorged, many sensational spots inside of a woman's vagina emerge and can be discovered for pleasurable stimulation.

We call all of these sensitive spots Thunkspots.

So what is engorgement and what is the best way to create it? The clitoris and the whole of the genitals is just one of several areas in the human body composed of erectile tissue. Engorgement is when these erectile tissues fill with blood.

Stimulating the glans of the clitoris using Deliberate Orgasm is the most effective and pleasurable way to create engorgement in a woman’s genitals, making the Thunkspots accessible. This creates the potential for intensely pleasurable sensation during intercourse or with manual penetration.

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