How To Avoid Holiday Exhaustion


woman with gift bags
Strategies for making Christmas bright.

Buy myself a gift. Shh. Don’t tell anyone. But I always stumble upon something I want for myself while I’m shopping. Rather than try to tell my husband about it and know he won’t get there in time to buy it before it’s gone, I buy it for myself. It’s never anything expensive, but it’s always something that I wouldn’t normally buy for myself. This year, I picked up a glass tree decorated with gold for my tree collection. 12 Ways To Love Yourself First

If I do it, I do it well. If I’m going to make time to do things like decorating, wrapping or baking, I give it my all so that the results are worth the time I put in. If I don’t, the lopsided tree, crinkled edges of gift wrap or messy cookies will bother me all holiday season long.


Don’t do the math. Adding up the cost of the holidays like Luther Crank in the wonderful book Skipping Christmas (made into the movie Christmas with the Kranks) doesn’t clarify anything. I don’t need to know how much it all costs. I shop wisely and frugally and deal with the bills without obsessing over it.

Find time to enjoy the important things. It’s so easy to lose sight of what really matters amidst the holiday craziness, so I direct myself to be grateful for my loving husband, beautiful children and warm family. They are what make the holidays bearable and fun. Forget Shopping And Celebrate What Matters

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