Don't Call Her Shirley! 6 Leslie Nielsen Love Lessons


photo of leslie nielsen
Weirdly, the Naked Gun and other Leslie Nielsen movies offered great love advice.

4) Love is amazing, but it can also stink. In Spy Hard, Nielsen cradles his sexy Russian paramour, and explains: "Love is a dew drop on a rose petal... a drop of rain pure and shimmering and trembling. And those tiny little drops of love come together and pick up dirt and dung and deer droppings and flow out into the sea."

While we're not sure we'd be as turned on by the mention of dung as she seems to be (there are rockets and everything!), the point is well-taken. Love hurts and heals, and is generally weird and wonderful and awful, and the more we expect it to be that way, the healthier our approach to it becomes.


5) Always practice safe sex. Safer sex is always the smartest option unless you and your partner are fluid-bonded, so we loved this Naked Gun safe sex scene. Added bonus: Priscilla Presley's sultry delivery of the line "You should know that I always practice safe sex" is proof positive that it's possible to ask a new partner to raincoat up in an incredibly sexy way. Follow her lead (to a point: we recommend leaving the full body condoms at home. So much squeaking!). 5 Funny Sex Injuries

6) Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Perhaps most importantly, Leslie Nielsen's body of work reminds us that humor can put a bleak situation into perspective, and can help us approach topics that are difficult to deal with seriously.

His movies deal with dark themes like crime, flight disasters, and crumbling civilizations, and they're hilarious but also insightful. (Imagine what a bit of humor could do for your conversations about leaving wet towels on the floor.) A light touch can go a long way, and an eye for finding the absurd may keep you laughing even when things are rough... and keep your lover laughing with you.

So long, Leslie, and thanks for all the tips.

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