Don't Call Her Shirley! 6 Leslie Nielsen Love Lessons

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Weirdly, the Naked Gun and other Leslie Nielsen movies offered great love advice.

Movie lovers everywhere were saddened this week by the death of beloved comic actor Leslie Nielsen, whose signature snowy hair and deadpan delivery made him an icon. Tributes to the funnyman have cropped up across the internet, and we've had a blast revisiting his amazing spoofs and parodies. As we watched, we realized there are plenty of nuggets of truth in between the slapstick and gags, especially when it comes to love and romance.

A few of the love lessons we've learned from the movies of Leslie Nielsen:

1) Don't call her Shirley, unless she's into that. Seriously. Girls hate being called the wrong name, especially in bed, and especially if the name in question belongs to your ex or her sister. Write it on your arm if you have to.

This helpful(?) nugget aside, the movie Airplane! rings just about every romantic bell in the book, reminding us between snort-worthy lines of dialogue that true love is worth fighting for, and that even damaged relationships can be fixed if the spark's still there. The movie also provides a hilarious visual reminder that, despite its seeming romanticism, sex on the beach is to be avoided (unless it comes in a glass).

2) Don't keep tabs your exes. In one of the Naked Gun movies, Frank Drebin asks his partner for details about his ex's new love interest. "What do you know about him?" The cop replies: "Not much... just that he's an Olympic gymnast, and that it's the best sex she's ever had."

Ouch. Drebin has a pretty good excuse for snooping around, but unless you're flashing a badge, we recommend you refrain from doing your own detective work. De-friend or hide your ex on Facebook until you're absolutely sure that seeing that pic of them cuddling Hottie McHotterson won't shred your heart. Romantic Comedy Lessons From 90s Rom-Coms

3) Don't be afraid to boldly go to where no man has gone before. In The Forbidden Planet, a (strikingly hot!) young Leslie Nielsen plays intrepid captain John J. Adams. When he's warned away from docking on the forbidden planet, he does it anyway, and discovers not only a nubile, nude Anne Francis, but also a robot that can make awesome things like industrial metals and evening gowns.

You should try a similarly adventurous approach in the bedroom, though we don't recommend docking without permission. The point is that trying new things can seem scary, but sometimes results in star-sapphire silk gowns. Er, better sex.



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