Did Britney's Boyfriend Hit Her?


Britney Spears
Despite the rumors, Britney Spears' manager says that Jason Trawick is innocent.

Brit's always been dogged by ugly rumors, and they mostly seem to come from the petty, opportunistic camp. (If you recall, a former bodyguard filed sexual harrassment charges against Spears after she fired him, but his claims seem outrageous, and we're willing to bet that Brit will come out on top in the trial.) Did Bitney Spears Sexually Harass Her Bodyguard?

Similarly, we're going to chalk this one up to a certain someone trying to extend their fifteen minutes. Lame, Alexander. Super lame.


And Brit, we're glad to see you keeping a cool head and defending your reputation and your man. We're hoping to hear wedding bells soon... maybe third time's a charm after all?

Photo Credit: INF