9 Ways To Enjoy Being Single This Holiday Season


christmas party
Don't stress over your single status this season. Instead, embrace your freedom with these 9 tips.

5. Do something you wouldn't normally do. Join a pottery class. Read that John Grisham book you've been meaning to open for about a year. Make over your bedroom. You have time to do something just because you want to. So, do it! 

6. Laugh. With your friends. By yourself, at something on TV. With strangers, after you almost trip on that ice patch. Just for no reason. Laugh. You'll feel better.


7. Get in shape. You know how you've been convincing yourself for six months that next month will be when you reinstate your gym membership? Well, it's finally next month. Exercise is the ultimate way to release stress, and the only way to get washboard abs. Getting Through Ho-Ho Holiday Heartbreak

8. Give love to get it back. "When you really want love in your life, the best thing you can do is give it away," YourTango Expert and relationship coach Debi Berndt advises. "Send love and good intentions to those you pass in the street, even those annoying couples who seem to be everywhere in front of you. When you start to discover that there is so much love inside of you, you begin to shift the energy of what you attract." 5 Tips To Manage The Holidays When You're Single

9. Have a holiday movie marathon. Alone. So, your ex hated watching A Christmas Story over and over with you while you recited the lines? No one will be groaning about that this year. Pull on your bathrobe, climb under the covers and grab a cup of cocoa. Enjoy!

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