Community: Using Technology To Strengthen Your Relationship


couple in bed with laptop

Purchase a book of ideas. Our personal favorite is 10,000 Ways To Say I Love You. It ensures that we never run out of ideas. And items like the Date Night Deck provide couples with a multitude of fun options.

Create an email only the two of you share. It's a great way to reconnect and surprise your partner with love letters throughout the day.


Create a website about the two of you. It is common for engaged couples to develop a website centered around their wedding, and many sites provide free hosting for a certain period of time. It's a wonderful way to share with family, friends and others the joy of your relationship, even after the wedding. Remember, the happily ever after comes after the wedding day, and is renewed every day as you work hard at your marriage or relationship.

Search for marriage/relationship education classes or retreats in your community. California Healthy Marriage Coalition, SmartMarriages, OCMarriage and Loveland Relationship are just a few sites where you can begin a search that will transform your relationship. Use these resources to learn skills that will enrich your relationship and strengthen it even in your weakest times.

Exploring these options is an investment in your relationship that's definitely worth giving. It's a journey worth traveling, and a song worth singing.