Tajahi Talks about the Kama Sutra


Tajahi Talks about the Kama Sutra
The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian Hindu text on human sexuality. The book contains information in

Lets talk about a few positions:
Ladies….. there are a lot of positions described in the Kama Sutra. There are positions for different lingam and yoni sizes, positions to encourage sexual awareness, yoga positions, acrobatic positions, kneeling and lying positions, sitting positions, standing positions, positions specifically meant to please us, positions for artistic lovers… the list goes on and on. Some positions I have tried and some I have not but I intend experiment with them all before I die. J
For now I will focus on the Kama Sutra positions I have tried and enjoyed.

The Placid Embrace Gaping Position, Raised Feet Posture, Union of the Oyster & Intact Posture:


I love these Ananga Ranga position variations because it puts my mans penis at a good angle to rub my g-spot while he or I can stimulate my clit for double pleasure. This is also a good position to use when experimenting with female ejaculations techniques. You can rest your heals on his chest and close your legs, open your legs and hold them in the air or wrap them around his back… the key is that your man needs to be kneeling and upright and your hips need to be lifted slightly to get the right angle for g-spot stimulation. You also need to be able to reach your clit without too much effort. I love these positions because I can easily reach orgasm a minimum of 3 times in one sexual set. Makes smile every time I think about it.

The Union of the Elephant:
This is another good position for G-spot stimulation. I love this position because it is very sensual and allows my man to be close to me; he can kiss the back of my neck, shoulders, as well as turning my head and kissing me. Close head to head contact gives a heightened feeling of arousal that is very pleasurable and euphoric. Because of the angle of your man, his thrusts will cause him to put pressure on your g-spot, which I must say is a wonderful feeling. J I prefer that my mans legs are between mine (see the image to the left for variations) and I push my bottom up for better angling. I suggest you try his legs on the inside as well as on the outside of yours, see which is more pleasurable to you.





The Swing, Reverse Cowgirl, or the Rodeo

is another position that I have tried but will honestly say I have not perfected. I wanted to share this position because variations of this position give us control over all aspects of what is going on. If we are sitting in the bed it leaves our hands free to explore our own bodies and find erotic triggers that give us more pleasure.

To keep this blog from being too long I am going to leave you with these positions and discuss more of them with you in future blogs. To see more positions of the Kama Sutra you can view them on line at Scribd.

The above positions are just a few that I enjoy, but I would love to hear from you on what positions you have enjoyed the most…

Tajahi will be sharing more of her secrets next week, so until then… HAVE GREAT SEX…Smooches.

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