Where I Am Now


    To get over him, I go to a St. Patty's Day celebration at a club.  I'm looking for fun, nothing serious.  I meet this nice guy.  Maybe too nice.  I take him back to my place and we make out.  He says he can't stay too long and he leaves, promising to text me tomorrow.  I'm thinking in my head, "Yeah right."  He actually does.  We have a nice chat.  Then I don't hear from him for a week.  He texts all of a sudden and asks what's up.  We chat and I wait for him to ask me out.  My roommate tells me to ask him out.  I do.  We meet that night and watch a movie at my place.  It's cozy and I like it.  We have sex and have an intimate cuddling session that I love.  He's a sweet guy and is really into my needs.  He makes me worry about his needs.  We spend the rest of the day together, walking around 3rd street watching street performers, and have a nice talk.  I drive him back to his house and I wonder for a couple days when he's going to text me.  He doesn't.  My roommate says that he's shy and doesn't want to be the one who calls first.  So I do, and we make plans to hang out again at a party at my place.  He brings a friend and we play beer pong against each other and it's nice.  We end the night watching a movie and cuddling.  Then making out in my room.  He leaves early in the morning and now I'm wondering if I should wait for his text or text him first again.  
    He's not the hottest guy in the world, but I like his personality.  I wish he was more dominant and forthcoming.  We have many similar interests, but are also kind of different.  I don't know where this is going, but I hope it leads to something good.

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