The Jesse James Saga Never Ends


Jesse James
The latest on Jesse includes rumors of dogfights, orgies & a stunning admission to Sandra Bullock.

Making Jesse even more disgusting is the latest from The National Enquirer. If the world didn't already hate him for hooking up with a Nazi stripper and posing for a photo as a Nazi himself (shown), allegations of dog fighting are now on the table. Rumor has it that a bloody battle between two of Jesse's pit bulls left one with his leg nearly ripped off. While this sounds a bit like yet another "let's really kick this guy while he's down" story, you never can tell. After all, we didn't see the serial cheating or the white supremacy coming, so dog fighting isn't that far out of the realm of possibility. And it would explain why his puppy Cinnabun kept running away. Does A Racist Jesse James Taint Sandra Bullock?

Photo via Us Weekly Magazine.

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