The Jesse James Saga Never Ends


Jesse James
The latest on Jesse includes rumors of dogfights, orgies & a stunning admission to Sandra Bullock.

Yeah, we can't believe we're still talking about Jesse James either. But as with any scandal, this one is not going away until it reaches the absolute heights of sick, twisted ridiculousness. And according to the latest reports, we're almost there. Jesse James Waits For Sandra Bullock's Divorce

While estranged wife Sandra Bullock hides out at a friend's home in Holmby Hills, Jesse is at Arizona's Sierra Tucson retreat seeking treatment for sex addiction, just like his hero Tiger Woods, because that's so much better than just admitting he's just a selfish walking penis. Apparently, Jesse is more like Tiger than we thought, as the latest count has him up to seven mistresses. An "inside source" told, "Jesse admitted to Sandra that he has cheated with seven women in total. There are still women out there who haven’t come forward yet, and he’s hoping they don’t!"


One who has come forward is San Diego tattoo parlor receptionist Skittles Valentine. (Insert your own "taste the rainbow" joke here.) According to a recent interview with Life & Style, Skittles and her boss Eric McDougall engaged in a foursome with Jesse and Michelle McGee when the two came to their shop last June:

After Eric filled in Jesse’s octopus tattoo with a little color free of charge, Jesse and Bombshell went to a liquor store downstairs and returned with booze to lighten the mood. Michelle made the first move, kissing Skittles, and then they all found their way to the tattoo parlor’s private back room...The foursome ended only when Bombshell got jealous of Skittles spending too much time with Jesse... [Source: Life & Style, via Celebitchy]

And of course, Jesse didn't use a condom. Famous guys don't have to, right?

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