Love Is An Addiction; Breakups Like Withdrawal


Heart made out of pills
Relationships are as addictive as drugs, reveals a new study, no wonder breakups hurt.

"Extreme behaviors are associated with any intense desire," Aron explained. "Research has found that people intensely in love often feel that if only the other person loved them in return, life would be perfect. Given what people will do for wealth or power ... it is not surprising when people feel such an important central desire to being thwarted, they will do extreme things."

The researchers also say that their findings support the idea that time is the best medicine, considering the part of the brain linked to attachment became less active over time when the participants saw their former partners' pictures.


Though this study shows that love really is like an addiction, researchers still question whether these biological effects occur in those who desire love in general or only intensely love-struck individuals. But the knowledge of this love addiction might help to advance the knowledge surrounding treatments for other addictions.

"The eventual practical implications [of this study] have to do with dealing with the often destructive obsession associated with romantic rejection and more generally the processes and brain systems involved in reward seeking and addiction," Aron said.

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Written by Mallory Creveling for AOL Health

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