It's National STD Awareness Month

It's National STD Awareness Month
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Did you know that one in five people have an STD? Or that 19 million people in the United States alone will contract an STD this year? These statistics may seem crazy but they are unfortunately very factual.

That's why April has been named national STD Awareness Month. It's here to remind people to get tested and learn a little more about how to be safe. Testing is one of our best defenses in helping to stop the spread of STDs in America but many people simply think that they're clean which is why these diseases spread so much.

Infections such as gonorrhea and chlamydia are major causes of infertility among women and many STDs can increase the risk of HIV transmission for both men and women. HPV has been shown to cause cervical cancer and syphilis infections are on the increase in many states.

Many symptoms of STDs may not develop right away or are so mild they don't get noticed putting peoples partners at risk. Routine testing for all sexually active people is the only way to absolutely know your status.

This year will you get tested and help spread the word?

Your STD Help has made a list of free clinics in your area for STD Testing just for STD Awareness Month. Take advantage of it and tell your friends to get tested.


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