workshop dating for men


I went to a dating for men workshop

I was so inspired by a meetup group where men meet for dating advices, i went  there again.

I am thinking of having a a wingman or woman with me to see how i am with dating.

This time the workshop felt very strange for me.

It was not a normal meetupgroup, i got more and more the feeling the host uses meetup to make marketing for his own VERY expensive workshop days.


I showed up and was the only person, who was there twice....The host said, oh you are back....he said, well we do this this week what we did last week.

But he told me i could stay if i want to.


Then i asked him, if i could talk to him after the workshop and he was like oh you can say it here in front of all of us.

I felt shame....Then he was like ...oh i can tell you here via video what you do wrong...and i said no, i want to have the real practice...he was like ...ok you can ask my

I felt somehow rejected ...

In 1 point he was true, when he asked me what is your real goal...

I could not say my goal.....

I stayed for a while but my fear was rising...

when i left, he told me oh, call me we will figure something out for you.

I have not done that before.

I don't know why my fear was so increasing....

Today i went to starbucks and thought maybe i should try to date like a man ....the guy behind me in line started a conversation and seemed quite nice....BUT...i left...I DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO SAY...

When i came home i felt again very lonely..It seems i can not jump pver my walls...


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