High Society Dating Tips: Grammar's A Deal Breaker


paul johnson calderon
High Society dating advice, bad grammar and text messaging deal breakers from Paul Johnson Calderon.

How long was your longest relationship? Almost two and a half years. But I'm young! I still have time.

Do you worry that prospective men will be scared off or intimidated by the show? I would want someone who is confident enough not to be intimiated or turned off by the show. I don't even like to pursue guys. I like being pursued instead of being the pursuer. I like to feel like, "wow this person really likes me."

Where's your favorite place in New York City to go boywatching?
Down in the lower east side. Grungy boys who hang outside of Schiller's and Freemans, definitely.


What are you looking for in a man? I try to be open to love in general. But some non-negotiables are a sense of humor, confidence, someone with a presence, definitely not someone quiet, more loud—but not really loud—just someone with personality and inner strength. Sex And Drugs Made Me A Man

What's your biggest turn-off? Bad grammar. If a guy doesn't speak well, if he drops off the "g" in an "ing" word, that's a big turn-off. Using "u" is OK when texting but not LOL. Anyone over the age of 12 who uses LOL has a serious problem. That and I hate bad manners, you don't have to be the most polished, but be polite, hold the door open, simple stuff like that. Well, that is unless you're some sort of rock star or something (laughs).

Any dating tips from a man (who dates men) to the ladies? Always make sure the ball is in your court and don't over-text.

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