Dating Disaster: Vegans Like You Cause Anorexia


dating disaster vegans anorexia
A recently single girl quickly learns the ups and downs of dating online.

Since he picked me up at 9:30 in the morning, and the movie wasn’t until 12:45, we had plenty of time to kill. I’m not sure which part of the next two and a half hours is the worst: the part where he took me into the Apple store to introduce me to all his old co-workers (who immediately assumed I was his girlfriend), or maybe when he took me to eat in the mall food court after we already had extensive conversations about my veganism and, when I couldn’t find anything to eat (shocker!), he proceeded to tell me that it was “because of people like me that girls had eating disorders.” Or maybe the worst part of the date was still to come: when he dragged me into a Victoria’s Secret to show me his favorite thong, even after I told him I was uncomfortable going into the store with him. Why You're Better Off Dating A Nerd
But in actuality, believe it or not, it got worse. Walking through a department store on the way back to the car, he insisted that I try on an ugly puffy jacket with a fur hood. I told him again that I want nothing to do with dead animals, but I finally told myself that I had to pick my battles and agreed to try on the coat. He pulled one off the rack.
"I think this one will fit you,” he said. It was an extra-extra-large.
I said that I thought the coat might be a little big.
“Well, how should I know? It’s not like you’re that small,” he responded.
Now, I’m proudly no size 2, but I wasn’t aware that being a size 10 was the new obese. And this is coming from someone who told me I had an eating disorder just an hour before? When I finally found something that I wanted to try on—a cute black tunic that he deemed “boring” since it wasn’t covered in fake jewels or a loud print—I was in the changing room in just my leggings and tank top when I looked up and saw him peering at me over the top of the door like the creeper in a horror movie.    
I probably should have sucked it up and taken the $80 cab ride back to the city, but I decided to stick it out. After dealing with him trying to make out with me in the movie theatre, talking throughout the first half of the movie, and texting throughout the second, I was actually considering throwing myself in front of a bus just to end the misery. After the movie and the subsequent drive back into the city (where he proceeded to pick a fight about everything that was important to me (apparently he has no interest in being friends with gay people, feminism is for bitches, and the Palestinians deserve to be nuked, in that order), I was so angry at him—and myself for not just ditching him—that I had to completely stop talking in order not to smack him. Normal people would have gathered from my one-word responses, defiant body language, and generally angry attitude that I was uninterested in EVER seeing him again, but instead he called me every day for the next three days!
I’m surprised I was willing ever to go on another date again, though I’m glad I did, and that I gave another chance, because I think I may have finally found my Prince Charming.

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