10 Pros And Cons: Changing Your Name For Marriage


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Changing your name for marriage is a big decision, here are 10 pros and cons.

You love your maiden name. On that note, maybe your last name sounds poetic, exotic, or is alliterative with your first name. Plus, plenty of women keep their maiden name because of its sentimental value: it indicates their ethnicity, it has an epic story behind it, or it's associated with a famous family member. 7 Deadly Sins Of Marriage

You don't want to modify your professional identity. If you're a bestselling author, an expert in your field, or have a business named after you, it might be easier career-wise to just stick with your maiden name, at least in the workplace. Think about all those business cards you'll save yourself from reprinting!


You're the last descendant of a long family line. If it would break your father's heart to see the line end with you, you might want to consider keeping your name—or, if your guy has an open mind, coaxing him into taking yours! If anything, you can use your maiden name as your children's middle names. 

You dislike the hassle of paperwork. People do it everyday, but if you would rather not deal with changing the name associated with your Social Security, driver's license, and credit cards, among other things, you can save yourself a lot of time by just sticking with your maiden name. 

Readers, would/did you take your husband's last name? 


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