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Jesse James In Sex Rehab: Too Little, Too Late?


Upon hearing Sandra Bullock is intent on divorce, Jesse James heads to sex rehab center in Arizona.

Confirmed: Jesse James is in sex rehab. (And in this sex rehab center if you're interested in specifics.)

"Big whoop," says Sandra Bullock, who really does not care that her cheating husband is there trying to save their marriage. Sandra Bullock Is Filing For Divorce

To her, it's "too little, too late," says a RadarOnline source who is close to the couple. "He offered to go to the same rehab center that Tiger Woods went to if Sandra would support him and stick with him. She said 'no', and that basically he's the scum of the earth."

Purportedly, Jesse James has already received some treatment for his sexual addiction to breasty, tattooed Nazis. No words on exactly what that might be.

According to People, the most hated man in America checked into the treatment facility Friday night, which does corroborate TMZ police reports detailing an emotional James breaking down over his marriage during a pull-over for a minor traffic violation. 


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