Ten Tips for the Post Divorce Love-Go-Round


Ten Tips for the Post Divorce Love-Go-Round
Step right up! Great love, loyalty, passion! And a no-boredom money-back guarantee!

Ten Tips on Love? Catchy, isn’t it? If only it were that simple – as easy as a sound bite, or the Idiot’s Guide to Love – ways to hop on and off the love-go-round and grab that brass ring once and for all. Step right up! Great love, loyalty, passion! And a no-boredom money-back guarantee!

We all want tips on love. Practical advice to help the guy get the girl, to rekindle the marital relationship, or to heal the broken heart.



When it comes to love (in all its incarnations), I feel like a veteran of foreign wars. And I know I’m not alone in that.

Plenty of us feel like we deserve a purple heart for heroic deeds, skirmishes survived, and past service. So… is that it? Am I done? Are you?

Hmm. As for me, probably not. You never know what might be just around the corner – online, at the local Starbucks, or your favorite bookstore. But I don’t think there are easy tips, at any age. Top Ten Places to Meet Men

Surprise, surprise

When you’ve been through romance, marriage, divorce, possibly remarriage – hopefully you get a little wiser. I know I’ve learned a few things. Among them, that we can all be (happily) surprised! Last spring I was talking on the phone to my 75-year old aunt, widowed after forty years of marriage. She’d met someone, and was in love. How cool is that? How to Attract a Man and Keep Him Coming Back for More

My OMG moments this week were overflowing with mixed emotions. I sent one teen off to college, just as I was processing the shock over my 16-year old’s blossoming babe magnet status. I’m holding my breath, on all counts…

A simpler approach

I don’t think love is ever simple. Not parental love, not friendship love, and certainly not romantic love in all its shades and variations.

Ten tips on love? Don’t think so. But I do believe we can give ourselves a better chance at finding and keeping love the next time around, with a few things I’ve learned along the way.

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