Getting Over A Breakup...Guy Style


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A dude's perspective on how to survive being dumped.

I know a lot of women read The Frisky, and this is not meant to be gender exclusive. Any woman can "Be The King." Let me explain: The single best piece of advice a friend ever offered me in a time of despondency was "Live like a damned king." I was 24 years old, broke and unemployed. I had met a great girl, we'd made some progress towards starting a relationship, and then she crushed me. At first, I tried the other items on this list, and though they might have worked in small doses, they weren't right for this situation. An old friend told me I needed to just spoil myself. I needed to act like royalty. I should pretend like the world revolved around me. So that night I grabbed three of my closest friends and treated them to a feast at one of L.A.'s most expensive steakhouses. We got wasted on bottles of red wine, dined liked sovereigns, and laughed uncontrollably throughout the meal. Afterward, I bought a bottle of nice bourbon and we drained it within minutes. The high lasted over a week. If I saw a record I wanted, I bought it. I took day trips to meet friends in nearby cities, saw every band I wanted to see, and treated myself to great meals and fancy drinks and whatever I wanted. I was amassing debt, sure, but I was happy and I was meeting new people and loving life. Whether you are a man or a woman, we are all attracted to confidence. This piece of advice helped me get there. What's more, it just so happened that the first person to be attracted to the confident, kingly me was the same girl who'd denied me. It actually works. Be the king, people!

The one unifying theme of this guide is that you have to do what makes you happy. Eschew self-reflection and self-examination. Focus on healing. You have the rest of your life to figure out why your relationship failed. So why not do just that? Save it for later. Have fun now, with your friends and by yourself. You can reflect later, when you are blissfully attached to someone new. I guarantee that when the time comes, you probably won't remember why you were once so miserable. The Frisky: A Study Shows That A Breakup Feels Like Cocaine Withdrawal


Written by Evan Levine for The Frisky.

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