Best Of The Web: Jive Turkey Days


Best Of The Web: Jive Turkey Days
Reasons to be thankful and not ruining Thanksgiving.

And my pal Simone Grant has a little advice about lipstick and always looking sharp because you never know who might bump into anywhere.

And Asylum has something to be grateful for: that you haven't sunk every last penny into a thing called "Pole Dancer Magazine" or had your daughter grace its cover. 


My buddy JackFromBrooklyn has a very thoughtful piece on the difference between compromise and settling. I prefer you call it dressing, I'll compromise that you call it stuffing but I will never settle for you calling it trimming.

And, finally, Guyism has a list of 50 things every dude should be able to do and it felt appropriate because it includes deep-frying a turkey. Be careful with that one, it could burn down your house and/or make your neighbors think you're a red neck.


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