Is He Husband Material?


Happy couple kiss.
Love can be blind, so here are 7 questions to help you see if he's really husband material or not.

6. How does he treat his mother and sister? You've probably heard this a million times before, but it is as true today as it was a hundred years ago. The way he treats the women closest to him is the best indication of how you will be treated in the future. So make sure what he's extending to them is love and respect.

7. What sort of gifts does he give you? This question is not inserted here for shallow reasons; extravagance is not what you should be looking for.  Thoughtfulness is. If his gift is impersonal, meaning he could have given it to a variety of other people in his life, then it shows he doesn't really know you. If for Christmas he gives you the same sweater he got his sister while you excitedly nabbed him concert tickets for his all-time favorite band, then perhaps it's time to ask yourself if you are both on the same page and in it for the right reasons. How To Give Him The Best Gift He'll Ever Receive

Relationships are by no means effortless, but they should feel easy. If you are constantly in a struggle over something, or he is lacking maturity in certan areas, all roads do not lead to a happy future marriage.  If you're left with some lingering questions after taking our mini-quiz, it's important to first evaluate your own actions in the relationships. What you put in is what you'll get out, after all. If you treat him like Prince Charming and he doesn't return the princely manner, he may not be husband material. Think it through. You deserve the best. Kate Middleton & The Four Secrets To Marrying A Prince

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