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What is wrong with people who think like this and the writers  who write about it....That would appear to not know a thing about what makes a relationship work today...Can a 25 year age difference work...HE IS FNG MARRIED YOU IDIOT!!!! How can an affair work...You have failed before you started.......Can 25 years apart work....Of course it can....As long as you are not committing cheating on somebody to do it....Are you that thick? author!....Do you see a problem with today's perception on issues and what you are asking...Probably not since you wrote it...I think you have real issues(author)....Do you think society has fallen so far that you can ask if people can live in sin and have it work? Really you do not know?...YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY KNOW BOTH PEOPLE ARE NOT COMMITTED FROM THE START...I think you are truly missing some moral guide lines...Single man + Single woman = YES
SLUT + CHEATER = NO!!!...This site needs some new morally injected reporting and stories...Lets find the right in the world and write about that...Or is this the National Inquirer?


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