Mom Frames Daughter As Terrorist To Stop Wedding


angry bride
This month, royal haters, a Napoleonic law and a false bomb alert put a damper on weddings.

Royal wedding sparks Facebook flaming. Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement caused a couple of esteemed public figures to go on a Facebook frenzy last week. On his Facebook page, Church of England Bishop Peter Broadbent called the royal wedding a "national flimflam," saying that the wedding wouldn't last seven years. The Daily Mail reports that he also commented on the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, calling the ceremony a "disaster in slow motion between Big Ears and the Porcelain Doll."

If that isn't snarky enough for you, Labour councillor Mike Connolly also offered his two cents (pence?) by calling Prince William and Kate Middleton "parasites" on someone else's Facebook status. "In the age of ConDem austerity will these multi-millionaire parasites be paying for their own wedding?" he wrote.  Not surprisingly, Connolly and Broadbent received angry backlash from bloggers and political rivals alike. Both men have since apologized for their remarks.

Parents call on obscure Napoleonic law to stop son's wedding. Earlier this month, Stéphane Sage and Man Sin Ma, also known as Mandy, were scheduled to marry in France. Just hours before the ceremony, however, the couple was informed that they could not marry. It turns out that Sage's parents, who disapproved of the match, had invoked a Napoleonic law from 1803 that allows parents to stop their son from marrying his chosen bride. With the help of several lawyers, the couple searched high and low for an escape clause, but alas, the anachronistic old law has never been repealed. Sage and Man told their guests, who had flown from as far as Hong Kong and London, that the wedding would be rescheduled. Despite their disappointment, the couple turned their reception into an engagement party, which Man attended in a Pink dress instead of her wedding gown. Second-Hand Wedding Dresses: Sad or Savvy?

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