Top 20 Celebrity Sex And Love Scandals Of 2010


Sandra Bullock and Jesse James
Join us as we count down 2010's top 20 celebrity love and sex scandals.

16. Bret Michaels Comes Between Tish And Billy Ray Cyrus?

In November, Miley Cyrus's parents announced that they were divorcing after 17 years of marriage, just as Us Weekly squealed that the reason for the split was Tish Cyrus spending some time on the Rock of Love Bus. We have no idea if that's the real reason they broke up, but it makes us laugh because Tish and Bret are a couple made in hair-extensions heaven. Did Bret Michaels Break Up Miley Cyrus' Parents?


15. Kate Winslet And Sam Mendes Divorce

Britain's highest-brow filmmaking couple announced their separation in March after nearly seven years of marriage, and their split broke our hearts. Someone said that The Town star Rebecca Hall might have come between them, and someone else said maybe Sam was seeing Rachel Weisz who, though we didn't know it, had already split up with Darren Aronofsky! And then the film buffs committed mass suicide because there is no such thing as true love. Is There Really A Best Actress Oscar Curse?

14. Heidi And Spencer's Fake Divorce

This year, Heidi turned into a living Barbie doll, Spencer spent all of his money on magic crystals and got arrested in Costa Rico, and the couple pretended to get divorced just so people would write things on the Internet about them! (They succeeded, clearly.)

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