How To Deal With An Inappropriate Crush


jealous woman
Inappropriate crushes can be dangerous. 3 steps to take when you crush on someone you shouldn't.

Finally, weigh the consequences of indulging your feelings. How bad would it be to flirt with your best friend's girl? Pretty bad—you could end up with a broken nose and one less friend. Flirting with the cute boss could invite office gossip and compromise your professionalism. Crushing on the new intern? Back off, Letterman! On the other hand, you may conclude that your forbidden crush is actually fair game. If your friend gets engaged to another guy, dating her ex from five years prior wouldn't be so bad. If you decide that the neighborhood playboy isn't ridden with STDs and can, in fact, be tamed, then don't let risk aversion stop you. Go get 'em, lover! 10 Reasons To Flirt With A Married Man

Now that the decision-making is over, you have two clear options: you either keep liking the person, or you don't. Neither one is an easy feat, but we'd like to remind you that there are other, far more available people out there, and that it's not healthy to pine over someone whom you can never be with.

But heck, if you decide to make a move on that cute boss of yours, we wish you good judgment and the best of luck. 

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