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Sandra Bullock’s Prophetic Advice to Elin Woods

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It's looking less and less likely that Sandra Bullock will reconcile with her cheating husband.

Although Jesse James has been spotted stoutly wearing his wedding ring around LA, it's looking less and less likely that Sandra Bullock will reconcile with her cheating, reality-star husband. Jesse James: The "Bad Boy" Mom Warned Us About

According to, just two months ago, Sandra Bullock offered her thoughts on the Tiger Woods cheating scandal and dispensed some prophetic advice to Elin Woods while walking the red carpet at the People's Choice Awards: "If I were Elin … man, I would have hit a lot more than she did … I would have kept hitting!" said Sandra to The Insider’s Niecy Nash. Jesse James Even Worse Than We Knew

"You would still be swinging the golf club?"

"Yeah, [Elin] stopped. She was respectable. I’d get the baseball bat, I’d get everything out," replied the Oscar-winning actress.

Little did she know that her own husband would soon involve her in a similar cheating scandal only a few months later. If we were Jesse James, we'd watch our back!

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