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Would You Join Ugly People Dating Site For $5000?


Ugly people online dating site is seeking a spokesperson for $5000. Would you join?

New dating site network Gotham Dating Partners launched a site for all you who post fuzzy, distant pics on (you know who you are) — The site's tag line "you are only as ugly as you feel" is adorned with attractive model types looking sunny and in love. Great marketing scheme, eh? No. Which is why Gotham Dating Partners is on the hunt for the perfect "ugly" spokesmodel to pose, pout and represent the gallery of mangled creatures within. Your flawed mug could net you $5,000—so please don't hesitate to apply. Bonus: nobody will ever accuse you of having a bloated ego. Online Dating Coaches Help Us Maximize Our Upside

We called and chatted with Gotham Dating Partners' CEO to ask what exactly he's looking for in an "ugly" model applicant. What does that even mean anyway? CEO Aaron Fraser doesn't know either. He muttered something like "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and it's really "up to the viewer to decide" and so on and so forth. Attraction At First Eye Contact?

Who knows what constitutes beauty these days, really. We're faced with so many rotating images of stark opposites that incite lust. On one hand we have Michelle Bombshell McGee's Marilyn Manson face and tattoo body. On the other, a 600-pound woman who eats so men can pay to watch, and flocks of men who "eww" at a Victoria's Secret catalog, chiding the supermodels for being too "boney." And for the ladies? We have more then one friend who's admitted to sex fantasies of Tony Soprano and a very attractive chick who thinks Philip Seymour Hoffman would be more fun in bed then Johnny Depp. Others have even gone so far as to use the words "Brad Pitt" and "ugly" in the same declarative sentence. So, really, it's anyone's ball game. Jesse James Even Worse Than We Knew

Which makes sites like equally as pointless. As we've previously reported,'s members are really nothing more than a bunch of normal folks high on themselves for making it into the Ivy League of Online Dating Smoke and Mirrors, a mixed bag no more subjectively attractive then an OKCupid search.

Curiously, Gotham Dating Partners other equally ludicrous sites: (for all of you aching for a boy-toy pen pal behind bars),, and, almost seem like the better bet. Afterall, it's more likely you'll at least get what you've signed up for.


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