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DNA Test Proves To Beyonce's Dad: It's Your Baby!

Beyonce dad baby paternity

At least Matthew Knowles' $8,200/month in child support wasn't in vain.

Whether they like it or not the Knowles family has a new baby boy and Beyonce is a big sister once again.

His name? Nixon, and he was born February 4th to Alexsandra Wright, an L.A. businesswoman / actress whose 18-month love affair with Mathew Knowles broke up Beyonce's parent's 29-year marriage. Who Is Alexsandra Wright? And Was She In 'Scrubs'?

Wait, that's not fair. Mathew Knowles broke up his 29-year marriage to Tina Knowles. Beyonce's Parents Divorcing

Anyway, the DNA test is in and the love child is his. Which we all kind of knew, because who would consent to dissolve a marriage and pay up front $8,200 a month in child support if there was any uncertainty? Plus, the two just look alike, don't they?


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