10 Traits Of Undateable Men We'd Still Date


dating undateable men
Undateable, a book of undateable qualities in men, makes us think we women can be too judgmental.

8. Having a stack of reading material next to the toilet. This is just one of the many items that caused this Love Buzzer to do a double take, gasp and exclaim, "But I do that, too!" Other items in this category: road rage and Renaissance Faires. Don't Let The Toilet Seat Ruin Your Relationship

9. Owning nunchucks. Buaaahahaha! Undateable was filled with tons of items like these—things we couldn't imagine would ever come up in real life. We appreciated the belly laughs, though.


10. Use of the phrase "cruisin' for a bruisin'." This one made us smile and think of Grease. Do people actually speak like this?

Author Ellen Rakieten is the executive producer of Jerry Seinfeld's new show, The Marriage Ref. She has also been involved with creating, developing, writing and producing The Oprah Winfrey Show. Her co-author, Anne Coyle, is a design guru.

Have they got it right? Are they missing out on additional dating deal breakers? Do you have road rage, too? Weigh in below.


*Never say never.

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