Top 10 Ways To Make His Family Love You


meeting the parents
He adores you, but does his family love you too?

6. Control yourself. Okay. Maybe you shouldn't mention the sex writing. At least not at first. Give his family some time to warm up to you before letting your freak flag fly.

7. Really. Control yourself. On some deep, subterranean level, his mom is well aware that you've already seen each other naked. On a regular basis. But she'd rather put that out of her mind. So don't throw her son's sexual activity in her face while exchanging pleasantries over cups of tea. Put the kibosh on any gratuitous PDAs. Refrain from draping yourself across your man's lap. Save the smooches for later. And definitely don't use any tongue. Talking Sex With Family: How Much Is Too Much?


8. Accept their advice graciously. It can be easy to get defensive when his parents give unsolicited advice, but try to understand where they're coming from. Chances are they're doing it because they care, because they have more life experience behind them, and because they truly want to help. Their "meddling" does not necessarily mean that they're passing judgment on you. (Or at least that's what you should tell yourself.) 

9. Don't be critical of of your partner. It can be tempting to take part in the hardcore teasing his family subjects him to, but tread lightly. You could be crossing a major line. When conversing with his mother, especially, try to remind yourself that this woman gave birth to your now-hottie, and has raised him for the past 30 years. If she senses that you are a threat to her baby, she will cut you. 

10. And, for the love of god, don't be critical of them. If they have religious or political beliefs that are wildly divergent from you own, just...just let it go. If they want to engage you in a discussion don't hide your opinions, but don't try to convince them they're wrong. A smile and a "we'll have to agree to disagree on this one" will do just fine. Poll: Do You Love Him But Hate His Family?

Bonus tips from Tom Miller of Tomfoolery:

  • "Be good-looking. I can't stress this enough; people really like good-looking."
  • "Date people who had exes with terrible manners. There is nowhere to go but up."



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