Our 3rd month


Okay, I'll start this by laying the foundations of how we got here.

  • - We met online through a forum 4 months ago.
  • - He asked me if I would like to be his girlfriend - I agreed.
  • - Today we are together for 3 months.
  • - We will be having our first face to face meeting in June.
  • - This meeting will last a week.
  • - One day will include him meeting my family for supper.

So that is the basics. Here are further details:

  • - We live about 10 hours drive away from each other.
  • - We maintain daily contact through messaging and also Skype.
  • - He is not some stranger as I have a friend in my town that knows him (he was in my city but, moved).

Here are some additions:

  • - He is Taiwanese and 22 years old.
  • - I Love Him.
  • - I am Malay and 21 years old.
  • - We are both in college and working part-time.
  • - Our parents seem to harbour slight stereotypes.
  • - Otherwise they aren't harshly against our being together.
  • - We are discussing marriage.
  • - We are discussing marriage and this happens everey day now.
  • - We wake up talking to each other and sleep talking to each other.
  • - We see the order of things after this being:
  • Finish college > Find a job > Marry > Buy a house together

The concern:

  • - Just wanting to know if anyone else in a similar position or anyone who has already been through this can guide us.
  • - We want this to work - but, objective opinions may help too.
  • - It is the first real relationship for either of us.
  • - Right now, the only real nerves or pressure is feeling that He or I may not fit family expectations.
  • - Are we getting into too quickly?
  • - Should we be more open?
  • - Where are we heading?


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