My best friend's husband is jerk

My best friend's husband is jerk

For my first blog post I will talk about how of a jerk my best friend's husband is.  I am Catholic, I am happy being Catholic.  I believe there are many path of God.  He is a ex-Catholic.  He spent a good hour on how evil the Catholic the church is and try to convert me to.... what he called him self?  Oh yeah Non- denominational.(he said he was not but it feel like it.)  You would think we would have some sort of respect on my views.  I let him talk him out and said thank you for sharing his view.  After words, I looked up the divorce rates.  Under 25(check) Low income(check) Different races (check) Different religion (check)  Odds look good.

Now my best friend is having a baby.  I am happy for this because I get to be an Aunt.  Now I am worry he won't let me be in the baby's life because of my religion.  Or worst, make the child hate my religion then the child would hate me.  They elope the spring of 2009.

Now whats this has to do with my boyfriend and I.  I don't want to be with a jerky husband.  I don't want to settle like my friend.  Or maybe we are meant to be.  I want to wait.  I am about to be 22.  I want to marry at least 25.  The reason why they did not wait because "You never know when God will call you up the heaven."  Its a good reason but I rather die now then get married as of now.  

Maybe I feel still betray.  We were going to travel together and become roommates.  But now it will never happen.  Oh well its her life.  She can screw her life up.  At least I can be there for her for now. 


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