The Best Of The Web: Thank You FOR Cheating


The Best Of The Web: Thank You FOR Cheating
The other woman, a prenup for cohabiting and online dating Déjà Vu.

It's Friday, so it's time for links. This time around, a little cheatin', mistreatin' and the herp.

The Frisky has a punch-in-the-mouth of first person essay by a woman who is glad that she was cheated upon. It's not one of those "thanks for teaching him those moves" kinda letters to the other woman either. Read: Love Bytes: Rules For Cheating


The crew at MomLogic has some insight to the other woman too (darn that Rielle Hunter). If a family is involved, she (the adulteress) should have to take over wifely/ motherly duties. It's a little like the movie Stepmom except without jokes about Julia Roberts gigantic chompers. Great read.

Jezebel really knocks it out of the park (or bark) regarding a Christian cartoon using song to implore children not to be unfaithful. "You may think it's might hot, but one day you will be caught. The sixth ring of hell is reserved for cheats, think about that before you hit those sheets." Read: Against Cheating: A Man's Perspective

And there's different kinds of cheating. Like telling a woman that you're into chicks and convincing her to marry you to stay in America. Gothamist explores just such an affair and reminds us that we once loved Gerard Depardieu. Read: Green Card Marriage: 60% Of Women Would Do It

And sometimes people move in together without marrying and finances get muddled. Therefore, Lemondrop would like to discuss prenups for cohabiting. They also remind us how much we once loved Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Whatever happened to them?

Prenups are legal contracts, we need more social contracts. At Nerve, Erin Bradley breaks down bad advice given by columnists. Her biggest pet peeve: dudes who perform paltry magic tricks to impress girls. Social contract: you stop being impressed with guys who can do stupid pickup stuff and we'll stop doing stupid pickup stuff. Read: Learn To Flirt Like A Pro

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