Overcome the Empty Nest Blues


Now is not the time to consider buying or moving. It usually takes a year or so to adjust to being an empty nester but sprucing it up will make it feel new again.

4) Grab food with friends. The kids had you so busy escorting them to ice skating lessons and rugby practice that you weren't able to find time to try the new Thai restaurant that opened up around the corner. Make plans to get together with old friends for coffee, brunch or dinner weekly.

5) Talk to your empty-nester friends or have them connect you with people they know. Many single parents are going through the same experience and feel the same emotions as you do. Meet them and regain your life back.


6) Join your kids by going back to school (of course, not the same school). Get the degree you've always wanted or get a second one. Do it now while your children are studying. With so much workforce competition, it's good to stay fresh and modernize your professional skills.

7) Begin an exercise program. Releasing endorphins can help you get over those bad feelings. Whether it be a running group, the local gym or Pilates class, you'll not only feel good, you'll look good too.

8) Start dating. Join an online dating service like SeniorPeopleMeet.com or tell anyone who will listen that you're interested in meeting someone. Whether you find your new partner through friends, in class or at the hardware store, embrace the chance to bring romance back into your life. After all, you finally have the house all to yourself.

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