11 Romantic Ways To Lose Weight As A Couple


lose weight couple
How to lose weight as a couple without sacrificing romance.

9. Dine at home. Cooking makes for a great joint activity, so experiment with some low-fat dishes together. If anything, focus less on what you're subtracting from your diet and more on what you're adding. For instance, if he's bummed about giving up brownies, get him excited for yogurt berry parfaits.

10. Go on a post-dinner stroll. Instead of ploppin in front of the TV after dinner, take a romantic walk around your neighborhood. In addition to burning off that extra serving of pasta, you'll be able to enjoy some time to yourselves: no entertainment, no work, no chores, just the evening air and a little conversation.


11. Have a pillow fight. Feeling frisky? Gauge his mood, and if nothing seems amiss, smack him lightly with a throw pillow and hope for a playful response. Trust us, it may lead to a better, intensely calorie-burning, evening. 7 Ways To Push His Buttons

No matter what activities you choose to do with your partner, keep in mind that your most important goal, aside from staying healthy, is being supportive. Set goals together and plan out rewards (a trip to Medieval Times, a couples massage, a weekend getaway) for meeting your milestone.