Is Rielle Hunter To Blame For Edwards' Affair?


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Rielle Hunter denies she ended John Edwards' marriage. Do homewreckers get unfair blame for affairs?

This begs the question of whether only unhappy spouses cheat. Call us skeptical, but we can't say that marital bliss is completely immune to affairs, or at least the temptation to enter them. We've all found ourself in situations where we were perfectly happy until we saw the alternative. To use a simple example, when was the last time you ordered pasta at a restaurant only to see your friend's succulent burger, and realize that you should have ordered that instead?

Whatever the case, we can say without a doubt that there is an unbalanced of blame placed on mistresses over misters. Compared to Brad Pitt, John Edwards has gotten a fair amount of lashing from the media, but how often do you hear a male referred to as a homewrecker? With stories like these, it might be more important to focus on how marriages require 100 percent commitment from both parties. They say that love conquers all, but without full, intentional commitment, it may be difficult to keep from straying, whether sexually or in some other way that could compromise your partner's happiness. Tips For An Affair-Proof Marriage


After reading through the 10-page interview, we don't completely buy that Rielle isn't a homewrecker, as she claims. In GQ, she says of John and Elizabeth, "There is love there, but, you know, it was a toxic relationship. And very abusive. It's interesting, though, that he allowed himself to be abused." If John and Elizabeth's problems had nothing to do with her, why is she publicly commenting on their relationship? It's hard not to think of her as an intruder into the marriage when she is acting as a spokesperson for it.

What do you think: is there such thing as a homewrecker? Do men or women lure spouses from happy marriages, or are weak relationships at fault?

Photo: Mark Seliger/GQ

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