An Open Marriage Can Work


If not, I ask you … what is missing? Passion? Intimacy? Emotional bonding? The “New feeling”? We have it all and more and still, we share our love with others and do it successfully.

All relationship do not allow for an open marriage. In order for this to work properly, your marriage must have the the following for this to work;

1) Trust between you and your partner.


2) There can be no jealous feelings between you.

3) Make sure you discuss this completely with your partner before you make the decision to explore this lifestyle.

New feelings will surface after you first venture into this lifestyle. Pillow talk about this and the act of physically acting are way different. While pillow talk makes the two of you more passionate when you are together, your first encounter will raise more emotions than you may be ready for. If the pillow talk makes you own sex lives better, chances are, the open marriage lifestyle may be for you. Just keep talking about your feelings and you can expand your relationship to new adventures you never thought possible.

If your marriage is still new and exciting, I do not suggest entering this lifestyle unless it was a condition before you married. The choice is yours but I do caution you to enter this lifestyle with open eyes. If your marriage is on the rocks, this will surely distroy your relationship. If you have a true bond between you but you know the spark or passion is leaving your relationship, this may be a choice you want to explore.

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