The Game


The Game



What determines the qualities of a "real" man or a woman?

What is it that people desire so they don't have to keep bouncing to
other relationships?

What is a common way of knowing that he/she is not for you?

Are you wasting time trying to figure that out or are you stumped
because you don't want to be rude and say what's on your mind knowing
the other person will probably be hurt due to the nature of the truth?

Is love a game?

Well ladies and gentleman, you know what time it is. It's blog time.

So tonight I"m staying up as usual due to having the weekend
off......and I have those same questions running through my mind. The
answer I came up is simple.
Love is a game. A VERY STRATEGIC GAME in which the two people who
initially play the game must remain together as a team for life.

The motive is relatively simple. Spending time with a potential love
interest is KEY to finding out if s/he is the right person for you to be
dating and such. It takes random periods of time, ranging from months
to most likely years of just I have never EVER seen a case as to people
date and automatically know if that other person is the right person for
them. It'll never happen. You'll fucking blind and selling yourself
short if you think that a couple of weeks into the relationship means
marriage. There will be many unknowns and variables to go through and
you won't be ready. Trust won't be ready.

You will have many participants who think that they are ready for the
game, but in the end there will only be one person who will stick by

Think of it as a game of chess...and think of all the things that need
to happen are the pieces. If you can't win the game, you probably more
than likely won't be in the game very long. The whole concept of love is
a game so forfeiting the game is the same result as ending the
relationship. Have you ever played a game for 5 minutes and beaten the
game altogether? No. I"m sure you've never been in a relationship for 5
minutes either and call that a relationship of love.

The positioning of the pieces are the things that might
happen....jealousy, doubt....whatever you can think of...anything bad
that might happen. (A common one is money btw) The game requires two
able minds to try and beat the challenge that presents itself, and the
amount of pieces in the game are insurmountable and random because you
won't know what the game will throw at you. Sometimes the game will
puzzle you by making choices that will affect the direction of the
pieces that you will move....but the game requires both of you to be on
the same page. If one person does a move that the other person doesn't
approve of, he/she will doubt that your wanting to play the game with
them, thus the game might end there or the game continues.

That was a long paragraph lol

Anyways, there are many ways of playing the soley depends on
the team playing the game.

You can play the game with anyone you long as they agree to
play with you.

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