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the chase
Caught in the friend zone, flirting and the other woman.

Lots doing in the world of love and relationships these days, so we'll get right to it, and that's the theme of this week's list: cut to the chase.

Our pals at Asylum have a story about a restaurant chain in Thailand called Cabbages And Condoms. They believe in forgoing pretext and safe sex. It is now my favorite establishment, surpassing Tattoos and Cappuccinos.


The Frisky has an excellent essay / letter from the other woman. She is not apologizing and says she's not explaining herself, then she sorta explains herself. Well, if you're not gonna get straight talk from the other woman, who are you gonna get it from?

Speaking of a one-night stand, the crew at Betty Confidential gives you all you need to know about convincing a guy to hit on you. Quick aside: tying a cherry stem into a knot in your mouth. It's impossible or stupid or both. Read: 5 Shy-Guy Pick-Up Moves

Until recently, the guy was expected to do all of the heavy lifting from a flirting standpoint. Things have changed and because of the changing times, Lost Plum is the one worried about being caught in the friend zone.

And the Tom Miller of Marie Claire, Rich Santos, laments the fact that he's really good friends with plenty of ladies but gets caught in the friend zone when he's looking for upside. The sex and sex acts. Dangit, being a boyfriend without benefits is rough. Read: How To Break  Up With An Almost Boyfriend

The team at Lemondrop let us know that men are attracted to different women depending on their stress-level. And I thought it was the women that you were attracted to that caused the stress. – This has been your Borscht Belt joke of the day.

Sometimes your stress-level results in a failed marriage. Therese Borchard from the Huffington Post talks about 7 ways to get by post-divorce depression. Vigorous self-pleasuring is just assumed, I assume. 

My friend Simone Grant recently experienced a cut-to-the-chase moment when a recent date, sensing that things were floundering, blurted out, "but I have a rope." Check out the rest of it. Read: A Shy Girl's Guide To Embracing Her Kinky Side


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