Sexual Anorexia: The Opposite Of Sex Addiction?


sex addiction vs sexual anorexia
Is sexual anorexia the flip side of sex addiction? We asked the experts.

Internationally renowned sex coach Dr. Trina Read thinks not.

"There is no scientific or empirical evidence to prove that there's such a thing as sex addiction," she says. In other words, there is no such thing as "normal" when it comes to the frequency of having sex.


Ladies should also dispel the notion that "sexual anorexia" is what's ailing them if they haven't had sex for months or even years, says Trina. While men are biologically predisposed to ejaculate every 24 to 48 hours, the longer a woman goes without sex, the less she needs it. So long as you're cool with that, well, that's cool! (Hmmm. OK, Dr. Trina. We're not going to question that. You're the expert.)

Another expert pointed out that Dr. Drew may even be using the term "sexual anorexia" incorrectly. 

Dr. Ava Cadell, a clinical sexologist and loveologist to Hollywood stars, says the correct definition of "sexual anorexia" is a disorder experienced by "people who prefer to fantasize and have sex with others rather than their partner," in other words "starve" their partner sexually and "binge" with someone else. The actual flip side of a sex addict is someone who is asexual, she says, not somebody with sexual anorexia.

The conclusion seems to be: Names and terms aside, if you're having more or less sex than you're comfortable with, and this dearth or excess is causing problems for your own well-being or in your relationships, you might want to investigate further. And, professionals can definitely help.

Do you think sexual anorexia is a real disorder? Have you ever experienced anything of the sort?

If you are interested in professional help regarding a sexual disorder, find experts through YourTango's ProConnect who can meet with you via phone or in-person.

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